Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday of Lord Krishna !

Today is the Birthday of our Lord. He was of handsome mien, born in the asterism of Rohini, with Moon exalted and powerfully posited Jupiter in Leo.

He is the Self that is immutably and becomes eternally in the eternal successions of Time.

Iswaram Paramam Krsna
Sacchidananda VIgraha
Anadir Adi  Govinda
Sarva Karana Karanam

Since He is the Self, the 16008 Upanishads are His wives symbolically.

HIs enchanting locks of hair
Are the Poetic meters !
His smile bewitching
The enchantress Maya
His Voice, the Rishies
His Back Portion, Adharrma
The equilibrium of Satva, Rajas, Thamas
His Avyakta or Attributeless Aspect !
His movement is Time
The Teaching Class, His Face
The Warrior Class, His Chest
The Commercial Class, His Waist
And bureaucrats His legs !
Entire Universe is He
With Mountains as  His Hairs
The Rivers as His Blood
Blessed be His Form Universal !

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Monsoon Fury of Magha or Regulus !

It was a sunny day yesterday in the morning , when we got the news at noon that South Kerala is flooded and a lot of landslides had taken place.

At 0800 PM, I got out of my office and went to the nearest ATM. Then it was raining heavily. Power went off at that time and I couldnt complete the transaction. I got the full blast of the rains. The roads were flooded  and I had to walk ten minutes through the flooded road to reach the Rly Station.

Even now it is raining cats and dogs. Holiday for schools in Trivandrum 1

The Solar Transit of Regulus ( Persians called it Magh and Indians Magha ) can be destructive, as the rains now prove !

Friday, August 08, 2014

Aslesha wreaks havoc !

100 houses destroyed as Sun transits Alpha Cancri, Aslesha !

Neera, the Drink supported by Ayurveda !

Let me highlight the Kerala NEERA, the non alocholic coconut drink ! It is said that this drink alone can add 54 K crores to Kerala's SGDP !

The farmer gets 1200 INR per tree. So it is rewarding to the farmer ! We should produce it on a massive scale and get hold of the export market, which is now full of Thai and Lankan Neera ! We

have the price advantage. While Thai brand costs 160 Baht, ours is just 25 bucks !

It was sold first at Vyttila Mobility Hub, Kochi, under the brand name of PalmDew. It will now come to all districts !

By tapping ten percent of the 180 million coconut trees, will garner 54 K crores per year !

Full Report at

Neera contains low Glycemic Index, 35 !

One friend had objected that Neera contains Sugar, but then the Glycemic Index is low at 35, as this video will show !

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Aslesha devastates !

479 houses were destroyed and a big building sank during yesterday's rain fury.

A three storied building simply sank and three people died in yesterday's destruction. Now people are heaving sighs of relief, as it is a sunny day today.

The solar transit of Alpha Cancri or Aslesha is half good and half bad, Ayilya Kallan Akatho Puratho ! Aslesha is Serpent Energy combined with Wisdom and is ruled by Mercury !

Sunday, August 03, 2014

The devastation of Pushya

The devastatation of Pushya Njattuvela was not confined to Kerala. We had evacuations on the Kosi in BIhar, landslide in Maharashtra and now the Chinese earthquake. Anyway, thank the Lord, for Pushya's exit!

At 0819 AM, the Sun entered Aslesha or Alpha Cancri. Aslesha is ruled by Mercury. Sometimes it will rain and sometimes it will not, as per the popular saying, Ayilya Kallan akatho puratho !

Pushya Njattuvela wreaks havoc ! - Floods in Kerala

Waterlogged streets - uprooted trees - houses destroyed - agri lands flooded - these are the reports that come from Kerala, as Pushya devastates. A Saturnine devastation !   

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Pushya Njattuvela Devastates Kerala !

There were devastations in Kerala, as trees were uprooted and houses destroyed, as the destructive solar transit of Pushya, wreaked havoc, yesterday.  Pushya is ruled by Saturn and these are expected during a Saturnine constellation's transit by the Sun !

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why is Karkataka Masa called Ramayana Masa ?

Because the First Poet, Valmiki, wrote the First Poem, Ramayana, during this Holy Month of Kataka.

Southern Solstice or Dakshinayana

Today Sun entered Zero Degree Sidereal Cancer, Nirayana Kataka, thus initiating the Southern Solstice or Dakshinayana.

Amongst the two Solstices, Southern is considered medium and Northern highly auspicious.

Ayane Uttare Sreshta Madhyamam Dakshinayanam.

According to Electional Astrology, installation of the Idol or Prathishta in temples are done during Uttarayana.


Cancer New Moon or Karkataka Vavu on Jul 26th.

Millions throng to river banks like Thiru Navaya and places like Thiru Nelli to do Tharpanam to departed ancestors on this highly auspicious day.

In all families, there will be verbal clashes. Father vs Mother vs Son vs Daughter. We may have hurt our parents, either consciously or unconsciously. Our children may also hurt us ! When our children hurt us, know that it is Karma working ! We are getting our wages !

So Tharpana is a great spiritual and psychological exercise and we pray for forgiveness from our departed parents, Samasthaparadham Kshamashva ! We invoke the Seven Sacred Rivers and pray for forgiveness.

Ganga cha Yamuna chaiva
Godavari  Saraswati
Narmada Sindhu  Kaveree 
Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru 

We also pray for forgiveness from the Lord, Samasthaparadham Kshamasva Akhilesha !