Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why is Karkataka Masa called Ramayana Masa ?

Because the First Poet, Valmiki, wrote the First Poem, Ramayana, during this Holy Month of Kataka.

Southern Solstice or Dakshinayana

Today Sun entered Zero Degree Sidereal Cancer, Nirayana Kataka, thus initiating the Southern Solstice or Dakshinayana.

Amongst the two Solstices, Southern is considered medium and Northern highly auspicious.

Ayane Uttare Sreshta Madhyamam Dakshinayanam.

According to Electional Astrology, installation of the Idol or Prathishta in temples are done during Uttarayana.


Cancer New Moon or Karkataka Vavu on Jul 26th.

Millions throng to river banks like Thiru Navaya and places like Thiru Nelli to do Tharpanam to departed ancestors on this highly auspicious day.

In all families, there will be verbal clashes. Father vs Mother vs Son vs Daughter. We may have hurt our parents, either consciously or unconsciously. Our children may also hurt us ! When our children hurt us, know that it is Karma working ! We are getting our wages !

So Tharpana is a great spiritual and psychological exercise and we pray for forgiveness from our departed parents, Samasthaparadham Kshamashva ! We invoke the Seven Sacred Rivers and pray for forgiveness.

Ganga cha Yamuna chaiva
Godavari  Saraswati
Narmada Sindhu  Kaveree 
Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru 

We also pray for forgiveness from the Lord, Samasthaparadham Kshamasva Akhilesha !

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Medical Porridge, Karkitaka Kanji

As Karkitadaka or Cancer starts today, as the Sun traverses sidereal Cancer, a medicinal porridge called Karkataka Kanji is fancied heavily by Ayurvedists. This is the rainy season in Kerala and no agri work can be done due to the heavy rains lashing the state. So the Ayurvedic physicians took this month for revitalisation and rejuvenation. 

The constituents of Karkitaka Kanji are Bala, Attibala, Urinnigi, Thiruthalli, Navarra Rice, jeerakam 3 et al.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Two Great Wars !

As the Eternal People, we have to fight two wars - the internal and the external. The external war refers to fighting Anti National Forces, the Breaking India Forces or the AHindutva Forces.

The internal war is the war wherein we fight our six enemies or Ari Shad Varga - lust, anger, pride, delusion, jealousy and greed, Kama, Krodha, Mada, Moha, Matsarya and Lobha. This inner war was symbolised as Mahabharata and Ramayana. Duryodhana is emblematic of Kama and Dussasana, Krodha !

Let us then surrender to the Universal Will and work hard to win both the battles !

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Lord saves a poet !

There is a legend surrounding Guruvayur's premier poet, Poonthanam.

Once the poet was travelling thorough the forest, when robbers waylaid him. He prayed to the Lord to save him. Then lo and behold, the Commander in Chief of the King's Army, Mangat Achan, suddenly appeared there on horseback, wielding the sword. The frightened robbers ran away !

Poontanam gave his ring to the Commander in Chief as a token of gratitude.

Next day, the priest at the Guruvayur Temple had a strange dream. The Lord told him that a ring is there on the Deity's finger at the sanctum sanctorum and "please give this to Poonthanam".

The poet went into raptures when he saw the ring on the Deity's finger !

Mangat achante Veshavum Ketti Shishta Rakshkkai Bhavan

Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of the Lord when He does not wish to sign !

Thursday, June 26, 2014

27% Less Monsoon in Kerala !

Even though Power Cut or Load Shedding has been lifted in Kerala from today onwards, the monsoon scenario looks grim. Rains are only 73% this year. Last year it recorded 187%. Scope for alarm and despondency, as Agri and Industry will be adversely affected.

We are praying for more rains

Swasthi Prajabhyam Paripalayantham
Nyayena Margena Maheem Maheesa
Go Brahmanebhya Shubhamasthu nithyam
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

May the Four Noble Professions
Be happy throughout !
May the whole world
Be happy !

Kale Varshe thu parjanya
Prithvee Sasya Salinee

May rains grace us
May the land become fertile!

Kali Yuga !

Earth becomes infertile
Nirveerya Prithvee
Medicines become less potent
Niroushadhi Rasa
The tough thrive
Neecha mahathvam gathah

Politicians are money oriented
Rajanartha parayana
Brahmins become Shudras
Prathidinam Vipra Vikarma Sthitha

Husband and wife inimical
Bharya Bharthru Virodha Baddha Hridaya
Sons and daughters scorn parents
Putra Pithrur Dveshina
And Righteousness and Ethics
Wisdom and Morality
Have to leave society
And go to forest !

Evam Bhoothagana Jagat
Kaliyuge Dharmam Vane Gachchathi !

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Intellectual Trinity of India !

Heaven, wealth, agriculture
Wisdom, progeny and happiness
All these can be had
By the Grace of the Guru !

Swargo Dhanam Va Dhanyam va
Vidya Putra sukhani cha
Guru vrittyanurodhena
Na Kinchit abhi durlabham !

Shivaji and Modi - Similarities !

There are many similarities in the horoscopes of Chatrapathi Shivaji and Sri Modi. Both have Jupiter powerfully posited in Aquarius. Jove in Aq is strong and gives the effect of Jupiter in Cancer, Kumbhe Karkadaval Phalani.

Saturn is exalted in the natal chart of Shivaji. In Modi ji's horoscope, Mercury is exalted in the 11th.

In both horoscopes Sun and Mercury are together, constituting Nipuna Yoga. Mercury is the planet of intelligence and along with Sun can give skill of a special order, Budhena Nipunam Dhee Keerthi Soukhyanvitham.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Sword and the Pen

The Sword and the Pen

Only the Sword can save the Pen and vice versa.

It is the Pen which gives the nod to the Sword to rule.

We saw the union of the Pen and Sword used to a devastating effect by Nehru.
His mass media demonized the Nationalists !

Only if the sword and the pen unite, can there be victory.

Yatra Yogeshwara Krishno
Yatra Partho Dhanurdharah
Tatra Sree Vijayor Bhoothi !

Only if Scientific Knowledge ( Krishna )
Combines with practical brilliance ( Arjuna )
Can be there be Victory's Grace !

May the spirits of Shivaji and Aurobindo work in the Indian psyche. Then
only can India fulfill her role as the Guru of all nations !