Sunday, February 23, 2014

Indian under a torrid phase !

Ket Jup   
Moo Mer
          Feb   2014
 Sat Rah  Mar

With Jupiter in the 12th and Saturn in the 4th, India is going through a horrific phase.

The elections round the corner is not good, either. After spending crores of rupees, we may get a hung Parliament, as the electorate may give a fractured verdict !

Now Poll stats state that

Non UPA and non NDA parties will get 42%
NDA will get 36%
UPA will get 22%

Decline in votes does not mean that UPA is out. They can form a Government with the non NDA forces !

The Modi wave may happen. In India, the best liked doctrine is Hinduism. Then only comes Marxism and Secularism. So with Hinduism booming, Modi may very well ascend the throne !

Jupiter's effect will be felt from Apr 19th onwards, as He gives His effects two months before, dwimasau gurau ! So for Modi, after 19th Apr, Jove may well behave like Jupiter in the 9th, which is benevolent !

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Devi Thalappoli on Dhanus 21, today !

When the Sun entered the First Degree of Sidereal Sagittarius, Dhanus 1,
Kalippatu started at the Devi Temple within Guruvayur Temple. Today the SUn
has entered the 21st degree of Sidereal Sagittarius, Dhanus 21, and we have
the Thalapoli of Devi.

May Her Grace bestow Eternal Happiness !

Praseeda Devi Savithree
Praseeda Veda Vedanga Janayithree !

Astrological View about the Prime Ministerial Candidates !

I am not a politician and do not go even for voting.

Last week my friend, Ajithan, gave me the birth details of Shri Modi ji and we made a horoscope.

Day before yesterday, my friend, Astrologer V G Menon came and printed the horoscope of Rahul Gandhi.

He says Rahul does not have much chance, as Modi's horoscope is more powerful.

So I told him why not make Kejriwal's and we made the horoscope yesterday.

V G Menon is of the opinion that Kejriwal's is more powerful than Modi's. I diasgreed with him and said it is 50:50 !

Modi ji is born in three major Yogas, Sasi Mangala Yoga, Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga and Ruchaka Maha Yoga. Jupiter is powerful in the 4th. Mercury is exalted in the 11th. Sun and Ketu are in the 11th. Jupiter aspects Venus and Saturn !

Both Modi and Rahul are born in the Moon Sign of Scorpio or Vrischika. Both are having adverse transits of Jupiter and Saturn. Elarata Saturn and Eighth Jupiter !

Kejriwal, on the other hand, is having the favorable Second Jupiterian Transit. Jupiter will be favorable for him till Jun 19th ! Hence V G Menon prefers Kejriwal.

But I still stick to my stand that Modi's horoscope is equally powerful and the chances are 50:50 !

Friday, January 03, 2014

Paramekkavu Vela on Sravana Day of Dhanus !

Yesterday in the Paramekkavu Devi Temple, Piller Pattu started. Today is the Vela. There will be a procession of 7 elephants and fireworks at night !

Wishing you a Happy Vela !

What the Rishies meant by festivals was an upsurge in spiritual consciousness, the unity of all humanity under the aegis of the Divine ! There will be festivals after festivals for the spiritually oriented Indians, as all months are more or less sacred ! Today is Sravana in the sidereal month of Sagittarius or Dhanus !

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Fierceness of rains may subside after Aslesha Njattuvela

On Aug 2, at night, Aslesha Njattuvela began. It is said Ayilya Kallan Akatho Puratho, meaning that is Aslesha Sol, the villain, within or without ! It is the centuries old experience of Keralites that rains will be there, but may lose their fierceness, the fierceness exhibited by the Mrigasira, Aridra, Punarvasu and Pushya Suns !

But here rains have not abated and torrential rain has damaged many parts of Kerala. The dams are overflowing !

The Retreating Monsoon will take over on Oct 17 and rains will be there till Dec 15, till Jyeshta Njattuvela, but the fierceness of Mrigasira, Aridra, Punarvasu and Pushya will be missing !

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jove in the 12th adversely affects Indian Economy !

Look at May stats

24 billion - 44 billion = -20 billion !

Deficit is going up. By this rate, the deficit will be more than 200 billion !

The Big Auto companies are moving to Indonesia and Thailand, due to the sluggish market growth in India ! 

Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Ford are going to invest 24000 cr in Indonesia and 10000 cr in Thailand. High interest rates in India and lack of Indian Government's incentives to trigger sales, while Indonesia and Thailand are giving lots of incentives to car purchasers ! Comparitively India will only get 14000 cr by 2016, way behind her competitors !

Saturn in the Fourth is also bad and the two major planets are at the moment unfavorable for India. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Heavens indicated brutal events !

Actually, Astrology is not a predictive science. We say everything is known only to the Lord. People think astrologers are ominiscient and no mortal is omniscient !

People ask why didnt the astrologers predict tsunamis? I told them that it is not the duty of the astrologer to predict tsunamis. We are not gods !

Nature is dualistic, that is she has both destructive and creative aspects. In Her destructive aspect, She is Kali and in Her creative aspect, She is Sarawathi. The Hindu sees Her in the sweetness of Saraswathi, the laughter of Krishna and the terror of Kali. Lord Krishna says in the BG that I am the all Devouing Death, Mrityu sarva haraschaham.

The astrologer is wise only after the event. I pointed out the SWM has a destructive aspect too. Hundreds of houses were devoured by the sea. Theare are again merits and demerits of having a sea nearby. When monsoon floods come, the blockages can be removed and the water can be allowed to flow into the sea. Last week this was done in Kerala.  We have an estuary in Chavakkad, the Chavakkad Azhimugham, where the Chettuva River merges into the sea. On the other hand, there are possibilities of oceanic attacks and tsunamis, if you are living near the coast.

When people asked me about the Kedarnath tragedy ( what is your astro explanation ! ), I told them Astrology is an indicative science. Not an omniscient science, as Theology and Cosmology say. What do you see ? The Sun was in Mriga Sira. The Head of the Beast, the Head of Orion ! Beast, brute, brutal. Planetary influences on Mundane Affairs state that some brutal event is happening on earth. That is the astro reading. The astrologer is not omniscient, but the heavens were brimming with pessimistic prophecies. Then the next question will be asked, does this always happen during the solar transit of Mriga Sira ? The fierce rains in Mriga Sira Njattuvela normally wreaks havoc. Again, Astrology is not a physical science, it is a mystical science.

Predicting events using the Kerala Njattuvela Calendar in other parts is not Wisdom. For instance, we cannot say that during Mriga Sira or any other Njauttuvela, it will rain in TN. since TN does not get SWM.  May be there are sporadic rains. These Njattuvelas are specific to Kerala.  

Jove in the 12th devastates Indian economy !

The Rupee falling has everything to do with misgovernance.

Look at the May stats
Export - Import = Deficit
24 b - 44 b = -20 billion

The deficit for May is -20 b and it is safe to assume that the deficit will be >200 billion this year. Given the $319 billion federal debt, where does India stand. MMS is an underperformer. We have to replace.

Since Jupiter moved to the 12th in India's horoscope ( Star _ Pushya ), we are hearing bearish news. The Stock Market has come down. Gold has come down and now the Rupee is Senior ! The Ministry that it will become 70 and it is healthy, they say ! For one more year, Jupiter in the 12th, can devastate the Indian economy. God only knows how much Inflation, food inflation etc will rise.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mrigasira Njattuvela was brutal !

We didnt see the Sun for 5 days, when the Sun transited Mrigasira. But when he came to Aridra, he materialsed like our nuts and bolts materialiser ! Yesterday and today we had sunny interludes. It is drizzling now.

Mriga Sira means the Head of the Beast, the Head of Orion, the Hunter. What is Mriga ? Beast. Brute. Mrigasira was brutal, as witnessed in Kedarnath. In Kerala, evey day more than 10 houses were devoured by the sea. The negative aspect of the SWM ! Mrigasira Njattuvela was brutal, as it always have been. Aridra is ruled by Rahu and if we go by the dictum Shanivad Rahu, can we hope for some relief?  But Aridra is Roudra, another nodal and malefic constellation. Trawling has been banned for one month and all are warned about visiting coastal areas. From my office, Beach is just five kms away. Wild horses will not drag me there !

Add to it the Supermoon on 23rd and you can understand the devastation caused in Uttarkhand and many parts of India. In Kerala, in one day, more than 100 houses were devoured by the sea. Houses destroyed elsewhere, trees uprooted etc are reported by newspapers. The leading Malayalam daily, the Mathrubhoomi, has earmarked its second page for the ravages caused by the South West Monsoon !