Saturday, July 28, 2018

As today's First Planetary Hour Ruler is Sun / Soorya / Appollo / Shiva............ To the Father and Mother We offer our obeisances ! As words are inseparable from meaning So are They inseparable ! Vagartha iva samprikthau Vagartha Prathipathaye Jagatha Pitharau Vande Parvathee Parameshwarau More at

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

As the First Planetary Hour Ruler today, 12 04 18, is Jupiter and He represents Absolute Being, Para Brahman

Ashtapadi IX - Tava Virahe Vanamali -
Ode to the Lord The companion of Radha Was distraught The Lord tells her That He would wait In the cottage Tells her to bring Radha there The confidante Goes to Radha And tells her Like this ! tava virahE vanamAli - pantuvarALi - roopaka SlOkamahamiha nivasAmi yAhi rAdhAm anunaya madvachanEna chAnayEdhAha iti madhuripuNA sakhee niyuktA svayamida mEtya punarjagAda rAdhAm ||

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Thursday, March 29, 2018

As the First Planetary Hour Ruler ( today, 30 03 18 ) is Venus and Annapoorneswari Lakshmi....................

 The Eightfold Verse about the Mother Divine

 Like Socrates who said " I know nothing, not even my own ignorance", Sankara was also known for his humility. "I know not Philosophy, Literature or Science " , he says in his poem, Bhavani Ashtakam. I am one of the worst beings and my only refuge is Thee !

 Neither do I know how to donate,
Nor Meditation transcendental
Neither do I know Tantra,
Nor the stanzas of prayer great,
Worshipping is unknown to me ,
Nor do I know the art of yoga,
Thou art my only Refuge , O Mother Divine !

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Monday, March 26, 2018

I had put this Song before, but it was a girl singing in a TV show and hence not with original scenes. Lakshmi and Ambareesh here as actors and the great voices of Yesudas and S Janaki. Another Mal classic ! It also brings into prominence the genius of Sreekumaran Thampy ! Did not Einstein say that every man is a genius ? ആ...ആ..ആ..ആ..ആ.... ആ...ആലാപനം.......ആ....ആലാപനം... ആലാപനം....ആ...ആ....ആലാപനം ആലാപനം...ആലാപനം അനവദ്യ സംഗീതാലാപനം അനാദി മധ്യാന്തമീ വിശ്വചലനം അനവദ്യ സംഗീതാലാപനം (ആലാപനം ) The movement of the Cosmos Is beginingless and endless So is the Science of Musicology Lovely to hear ! കോടാനുകോടി ശ്രുതികളിലുണരും കോടാനുകോടി സ്വരങ്ങളിലൂടെ അജ്ഞാതമാം കളകണ്ഠത്തില്‍നിന്നും അഭംഗുരമായ് അനുസ്യൂതമായ് തുടരും In millions of Sruthis In millons of voices From unknown bottoms Musicology reigns ! ആലാപനം ( ആലാപനം ) ജീവനസങ്കല്പ ലഹരിയില്‍ മുങ്ങും ഈ വസുന്ധര ഒരു ദുഃഖരാഗം This earthly note of sorrow Is sunk in the mirage of Mind ! Ascensions are mountain peaks Descensions are its slides Ascensions ! Descensions ! ഗിരിനിരകള്‍ അതിന്നാരോഹണങ്ങള്‍ ആ‍...ആ...ആ....ആ.. അംബോധികള്‍ അതിന്നവരോഹണങ്ങള്‍ ആ...ആ..ആ...... ആരോഹണങ്ങള്‍.... അവരോഹണങ്ങള്‍.... (ആലാപനം ) സസസ ഗഗഗ മമമപപ ഗമപനിധ ആരോഹണങ്ങള്‍ സനിരിനിധ മപധ മഗരിസനിധ അവരോഹങ്ങള്‍ പമഗമഗ പമഗമഗ നിധസനിഗരി ആരോഹണങ്ങള്‍ സനിസ പധപ നിധനിപധമ പമഗരി അവരോഹണങ്ങള്‍ സമഗമരിനിസമപമപമ ഗമപനിധ പസനിസ പധമപധ പധനിരി നിധമ പഗമപനിധ സനിരിസഗരി മഗരിസ മഗരിനിസരി നിധമപധ മഗരിസ സനിസഗഗ നിനിസ മഗമപപ ഗഗമ പമപനിനി മമപ സനിസഗഗ നിനിസ സനിസഗഗ രിരിസ പമപനിനി മമപ മഗമപപ ഗമമ സനിസഗഗ രിരിസ മഗമഗ സനിസനി ധപധപ മഗമഗ മഗമഗ സനിസനി ധപധപ മഗമഗ സസസ ഗഗഗ മമപ ഗമപനിധസ ആരോഹണങ്ങള്‍... മമമരിരിരി നിനിസ നിസധനിപധ രിരിരി നിനിനി ധധനിധസനിധപമ ഗഗഗ സസസ മഗരിനിധമഗരി അവരോഹണങ്ങള്‍.... ആലാപനം....ആലാപനം...ആലാപനം... താരാപഥത്തെ നയിക്കുമീ താളം സത്യമായ് തുടിപ്പൂ പരമാണുവിലും ആരു വലിയവന്‍ ആരു ചെറിയവന്‍ ഈ സച്ചിദാനന്ദ സംഗീത മേളയില്‍ The Thala which leads The mighty constellations Is alive in molecules, atoms And is omnipresent ! There is none big or small In this Mighty Music The Music of Existence-Consciousness- Beatitude! Of Sat-Chit-Ananda ! ( ആലാപനം )

Which planet gave poetic prowess to Shakespeare ?

Here is Venus, powerfully posited in Taurus, for Scorpio Ascendant, creating a world class poet. The Bard of Avon, Shakespeare. Venus in the 7th, angular and in his own house, confers Malavya Yoga and imparts Poetic skill, handsomeness & the divine gift of articulate speech. Kavya, Komala & Vagvilasamathulam !

Another classic Hamsa Yoga - Abdul Kallam, Former President, Cancer Rising, along with exalted Jupiter !

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Our socialist friends say that Sanskrit & Hindi are being enforced by the Centre. They have to be enforced ( at least in CBSE syllabus & Navodaya ), as one is a Scholarly Language and the other, National Language.Those who are against may be eyeing narrow, political gains !

Inverse Regal Yoga / Vipareeta Raja Yoga

Vipareeta Raja Yoga is very controversial. While Sage Parashara says it is bad, Varaha hailed it as a powerful Raja Yoga, raja sau nripati prashastha vibhavo rajadhi rajeswara.

The lords of 6,8 & 12 are known as trika lords and considered evil. Malefic results will accrue to the native during their periods of directional influence. So, says Parashara, caution should be exercised while dealing with them, a view seconded by the great Dr B V Raman.

But, we find that, in the horoscopes of two luminaries, V R Y was very effective. Donald Trump's & Ramakrishna Dalmia's.

In Dalmis's horoscope, Taurus was rising, with Jupiter, the 8th lord in t2th.
In Trump's natal chart, Saturn, the 6 th lord is in the 12th.

This is a sample horoscope, the horoscope of G Kumar, computed by our Zodiac Software  

 Z o d i a c A d v a n c e d A s t r o l o g y 

NAME                         : Kumar
SEX                          : MALE
BIRTH STAR                   : ASLESHA
STAR QUARTER (PADA)          : 1
MOON SIGN                    : CANCER
KARANA                       : Pashu
TIME OF BIRTH                : 9.50 AM STANDARD TIME
DATE OF BIRTH                : 23/06/1955 THURSDAY
PLACE OF BIRTH               : TRICHUR
AYANAMSA                     : CHAITRA PAKSHA
LONGITUDE                    : 76.15 EAST
LATITUDE                     : 10.30 NORTH
SUNRISE                      : 6.05 AM
SUNSET                       : 6.48 PM
TIMEZONE                     : 5.30 EAST OF GREENWICH
DASA METHOD                  : VIMSHOTTARI YEAR = 365.25 days


8.00 Version Eng 092004/15-08-2011
Software          : Zodiac East Nada Guruvayur -680101 Ph 91 0487 2552851
Website           : E-Mail:
Sidereal Longitudes Of Planets 

Planet      Rasi         Sphutam      Star       Quarter      Longitude

SUN         GEMINI       7:43:32     ARIDRA        1          67 :43 :32
MARS        GEMINI      25: 4:39     PUNARVASU     2          85 : 4 :39
JUPITER     CANCER       8:47:48     PUSHYA        2          98 :47 :48
VENUS       TAURUS      18:42:53     ROHINI        3          48 :42 :53
SATURN      LIBRA       21:49: 6R    VISHAKHA      1         201 :49 : 6
MERCURY     TAURUS      27:45:39R    MRIGASIRA     2          57 :45 :39
MOON        CANCER      19:14:26     ASLESHA       1         109 :14 :26
RAHU        SAGITTARIUS  3: 2:19     MOOLA         1         243 : 2 :19
KETU        GEMINI       3: 2:19     MRIGASIRA     3          63 : 2 :19
LAGNA       CANCER      28:54:29     ASLESHA       4         118 :54 :29
GULIKA      LEO          6: 4:56     MAGHA         2         126 : 4 :56




Planetary Periods (Udu Dasa Balance At Birth) :

MERCURY  END   13   YEARS   8   MONTHS   22    DAYS
KETU     END   20   YEARS   8   MONTHS   22    DAYS
VENUS    END   40   YEARS   8   MONTHS   22    DAYS
SUN      END   46   YEARS   8   MONTHS   22    DAYS
MOON     END   56   YEARS   8   MONTHS   22    DAYS
MARS     END   63   YEARS   8   MONTHS   22    DAYS
RAHU     END   81   YEARS   8   MONTHS   22    DAYS
JUPITER  END   97   YEARS   8   MONTHS   22    DAYS





AYANA             : UTTARAYANA

RITHU             : GREESHMA


Divisional Charts 
Divisional Charts are very important in Z A A.

The 1/9  th Division is called Navamsa
The 1/3  rd Division is called Drekkana
The 1/4  th Division is called Chathurthamsa
The 1/5  th Division is called Prathibhamsa
The 1/7  th Division is called Sapthamsa
The 1/10 th Division is called Dasamsa
The 1/12 th Division is called Dwadasamsa
The 1/16 th Division is called Shodasamsa

If you want to analyse any House you can analyse the D charts. 

For example if you want to know about profession you can analyse
the D 10 Chart ( Dasamsa ) as 10 H rules Profession.

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If Jupiter retrogrades, it will confer royal power, vakreenastu mahaveerya subha rajyaprada griha..... Retrograde Jupiter was there in the horoscopes of these celebrities, Indira ; NTR

With the Moon shifting to Aridra, Alpha Orionis
And with the Sun in Meena, Pisces
 It was time for Lord Sasta of Chatakudam
To begin His Thiruvathira Purappad !

 Graced by Union Tourism Minister. Shook hands with him. By spreading culture, we are promoting tourism.

6 videos. Next about Ayurveda. Graced also by foreign visitors from Kerala Blog Express.

 Arattupuzha Pooram is a Night Pooram, while Trichur Pooram is a Day Pooram. Even though at the expense of sleep, some people prefer to watch it at night. Yesterday a heavenly atmosphere was created by the sweetness of Panchari Melam, So Arattupuzha Pooram has her blessings, unknown to Trichur Pooram.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lovely Song about Kathakali

Actors are the two legends of Kerala Cinema, Prem Nazeer and Sree Vidya.

Manipravala Thalakal Unarnoo
Manassil kamala dalangal vithirnoo
Kavya Kalayude kanakamgulikalil
Kathakali Mudrakal Vidarnoo !

Manipravala ......................

Verses equalling Ruby ( Mani ) and Coral ( Pravala )
And lotus blossomed in Mind !
From the great Art of Poetry
Rose the Mudras of the King of all Arts ( Kathakali )

Sharat kala megham Thirasselayayi
Sasiklaa Kali vilakkayee
Onnayi Varriyarum
Irayimman Thapiyum
Varna narayangal minukkee

The clouds of Sharath
Became curtain for the play
Moon became the Lamp
Both Variar and Thampi became one
Giving finishing touches to costumes !

Pampayum Periyarum
Bharata puzhayum
Aa padangal paadi
Chaitra marangal aadee !
Chendayil thengilayil
Elathalangil Syamantakangal kilingee

The rivers of Kerala
Bharata puzha, Pampa and Periyar
Sang those beautiful verses
And the trees of Chaitra danced !

Manipravala .....................

Damayantiyayi Droupadiyayi
Kairali Rathiyay Sathiyay
Rambhayay Radhayay
Raasa Natanam Aadi !

As Damayanti, Droupadi
And as Devayani
Magnificent Kerala rose
As Rathi, as Sathi
As Rambha and Radha
She danced the Blissful Dance !

Ratnakireedavumayi Thiranottam Nadathi
Rasa Chakravarthiyam Sringaram..

Manipravala .......................