Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Sixth Day of Nava Ratri !

Today is the Sixth Lunation and the Deity that is worshipped during the Festival of Nine Nights is Kartyayani, Shashtam Karthyayaneethi cha. ( Moon in between 60 and 72 degrees from the Sun ).

Katyayini or Kartyayini was born as the daughter of Katyavan. Katyavan was a seer who perfomed penance to get the Universal Mother as his daughter.

One of Her greatest festivals is Thri Karthika, which is celebrated on the astersim of Karthika, during Mandala Kalam. Mandala Kalam is the 41 day holy period, starting from the sidereal month of Scorpio or Vrischika. . Thri Karthika is celebrated in Her Temples, Kadampuzha, Kumaranellur and the Ayyanthol Karthyayini Temples.

I will consecrate my Poem to Thee
As a garland or necklace
On Thy Sacred Chest
Which is Thri Karthika !
Please hear our prayer
O Consort of the Destroyer
O Daughter of the Mountains
Who graces Kadampuzha !

Thri Karthika Jathi Thirumaril
Oru Keerthana Malika Chartham Njaan !
Eee Prarthana  Kelkoo Parvathiye
Kadampuzha Vazhum Para Nidhiye.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Panchami in Nava Ratri !

Today is the Fifth Lunation ( Moon in between 48 and 60 degrees from the Sun )  and Skanda Mata is the Deity which is worshipped during the Festival of Nine Nights, Nava Ratri. ( Panchamam Skanda Mathethi... ).

Skanda Matha  is the mother of Skanda, the Military General of the celestials. She observed penance to get the hand of Lord Shiva ( which was magnificenlty portrayed by Kalidasa in " Kumara Sambhava"  )  and gave birth to Skanda, the Military Chief.

Another glorious Devi Temple, the Chottanikkara Amba Temple. .

Legend has it that this was once a dense forest and a tribal called Kannappan used to live here.  He was a devotee of the Mother Divine and he used to sacrifice an animal daily to the Goddess. He had a cute daughter who had a pet, a cow. Kannappan used to sacrifice cows also. One day Kannappan could not find an animal to sacrifice and he told his daughter that he is sacrificing her pet cow. She entreated him to sacrifice her instead of her beloved cow. 

The place where Kannappan used to sacrifice cows is of low elevation and is called Keezhe Kavu, a place devoted to the Mother Divine as Time Personified, Kali, who is Kaala Swaroopini.

Give us Wisdom, give us Prosperity
Give us Fame, O Mighty One
Give us comeliness, give us Victory
Give us Bliss Everlasting !

Vidya vantam Yasaswantham
Lakshmi Vantam Janam Kuru
Roopam Dehi Jayam Dehi
Yaso Dehi Dwisho Jahi.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Effects of Moon in the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac

With round eyes
And with fast gait
Easily pleased
Will be fond of Eros
Loved by women
Will be the one
Born with Moon in Aries !

When Moon tenants Taurus
Will be handsome
With lovely face
With marks on face
Will have daughters
Will be devoid of property
And will be lucky
In middle age !

When Moon tenants Gemini
Will be subservient to women
Knower of Sastras
Intelligent, with curly hair
Will be humourous
Adept at gambling
Will be handsome

And lover of food !!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sun in Many Signs !

If the Sun be in Cancer
He will be devoid of wealth
Interested in others
With sorrow and bad progeny !

If the Sun be in Leo
He will be fond of travel
In forests and with animals
Shrewd and strong !

If the Sun be in Virgo
Will be knowledgeable in writing
In Mathematics, sculpture
With body feminine !

If the Sun be in Libra
Will be prosperous
From Music, Literature
And with body beautiful ! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Effects of Sun in Different Signs !

Famous he becomes
Whose Sun tenants
Aries within ten degrees !
Fond of travel, smart
With less wealth
And armed well !

As Sun is exalted
Within first ten degrees
Fame will be conferred.
Clever and hedonistic
With stability financial
And with good fans !

If the Sun is in Taurus
Textile trader he will be
Income from Music, literature
Misogynist, hater of women
And highly educated !

The Sun in Gemini
Is a mathematician !
Lover of Astrology
Grammar, Rhetoric
He will be endowed
WIth Arithmetic- logical intelligence !

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Q & As about Vedic Astro Gemology


 Q - What is Vedic Gemology ?

A - It is the union of two sciences, Gemology and Astrology and it postulates that the Nine Primary Gems correspond to the Nine Revolving Heavens.

The seven primary colors of the spectrum, VIBGYOR  and the two secondary colors, infra-red and ultra-violet, correspond to the nine planets.

Here we give the correspondence between Cosmic Colors, planets and gems.

Color              Planet               Gem

Red               Sun                  Ruby
Orange         Moon               Pearl
Light Blue        Jupiter              Yellow Sapphire
Ultra-Violet    Rahu             Hessonite
Green              Mercury       Emerald
Indigo           Venus          Diamond
Infra-red           Ketu          Cat's Eye
Violet         Saturn              Blue Sapphire
Yellow              Mars              Coral

Manikyam Dinanayakasya, Vimalam Muktaphalam Sheetagau
Mahedrasya cha Vidrumam, Marathakam Soumyasya Garutmakam

Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday of Lord Krishna !

Today is the Birthday of our Lord. He was of handsome mien, born in the asterism of Rohini, with Moon exalted and powerfully posited Jupiter in Leo.

He is the Self that is immutably and becomes eternally in the eternal successions of Time.

Iswaram Paramam Krsna
Sacchidananda VIgraha
Anadir Adi  Govinda
Sarva Karana Karanam

Since He is the Self, the 16008 Upanishads are His wives symbolically.

HIs enchanting locks of hair
Are the Poetic meters !
His smile bewitching
The enchantress Maya
His Voice, the Rishies
His Back Portion, Adharrma
The equilibrium of Satva, Rajas, Thamas
His Avyakta or Attributeless Aspect !
His movement is Time
The Teaching Class, His Face
The Warrior Class, His Chest
The Commercial Class, His Waist
And bureaucrats His legs !
Entire Universe is He
With Mountains as  His Hairs
The Rivers as His Blood
Blessed be His Form Universal !