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It is heartening to note, That the Indian PM's name, Hath been recommended, For establishing World Peace ! "My chariots shall not be bloody, Till the earth records my name", Said the conscientious Buddha, As he renounced War. Milton averred " Peace hath her victories, No less renouned than War " ! Man's essential nature is Peace, War is only an abnormality ! How can a Nation which declares Peace, Aum Shanti, Shanti, advocate War ? From the ethical, moral angle, Peace gets Fame, and War notoriety ! Love cognised is Truth Love in action is Non VIolence Love as pure Being is Wisdom Love as Feeling is Peace. Yet, many believe that war is a necessity biologic, An outlet for the human desire to compete and excel ! Conquest by force is only half victory, True victory is conquest by Love ! Harmony has to be established, And perfection worked out. We have to effectuate the Divine, In a conflicting and contradicting world ! We have been instructed, To rise from Non Being to Being, Asado Ma Sad Gamaya, And to rise from Darkness to Light. In other words, From the Negative to the Positive. But we have a big problem here, As we are confronted by qualities negative ! We have seen Death, But not Immortality ! Mrutyor Ma Amritam Gamaya, Appears to be difficult ! Death, Non Being, Ignorance, Darkness, adversity, disease, All these we have seen, But never experienced the Positive ! Qualties Negative, Are merely the first terms of the Formula, Unintellible to us, Till we work out its esoteric terms ! These qualities negative, Are merely initial discords Of the Musician's symphony, Didnt He create a world miserable ? That too deliberately flawing perfection, Of His Own Creation ? The discords of the world are Lord's discords, To unfold the Godhead within us? The tormenting Evil is He, As well as the Redeeming Grace ! Oru Kai Praharikkave Maru Kai kondu thalodum Easwaran ! Only when we have an integral vision, Can we see beyond all masks, The serene and lovely face, Of the All Blissful Godhead ! His tests test our imperfection, True friemd is He and Heart, the Teacher ! Mind is the greatest Guru, And world, the true Book ! Let us be what the Seer Poets recommended, What Lord Krishna recommended to Arjuna, Realised souls viewing Becoming, Under the metaphor of Being ! Let us rise from Death to Self Realisation, From the Darkness of Nescience to Light Supernal, From the mirage of Non Being to True Being, Thus fulfilling that eternal Prayer Asato Ma Sadgamaya ! Did not Bhagavan Aurobindo, Say that Strive and thou shalt have ? Trust and thy trust shall be justified ? That the Divine Crown is within our reach ? That we have to overcome the Negative, And reach the Positive ! And Implement Positivity, Then only shall the world be redeemed ! The Kingdom of Heaven, Is both worldly and transworldly To implement this Rama Rajya, India, US and Russia exist !

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Computation of Exaltation Strength- Definition & Code

NP means Neecha Point, the Point of Debilitation of the Planet. The Debilitation Point of Jupiter is 275 degrees.

To get the Oocha Bala, the Exaltation Strength of the Planet, the Longitude of the Neecha Point is deducted from the Longitude of the Planet and divided by 3

npsun = 190

npmoon = 213
npmars = 118
npmerc = 345
npjup = 275
npven = 177
npsat = 20

use pp
go 1
store rad to lsun
go 2
store rad to lmar
go 3
store rad to ljup
go 4
store rad to lven
go 5
store rad to lsat
go 6
store rad to lmerc
go 7
store rad to lmoo

ds = abs(lsun – npsun)

if ds > 180
ds = 360 – ds

dm = abs(lmar-npmars)

if dm > 180
dm = 360 – dm

dj = abs(ljup-npjup)

if dj > 180
dj = 360 – dj

dv = abs(lven – npven)

if dv > 180
dv = 360 -dv

dst = abs(lsat-npsat)

if dst > 180
dst = 360 – dst

dme = abs(lmerc-npmerc)

if dme > 180
dme = 360 – dme

dmo = abs(lmoo-npmoon)

if dmo > 180
dmo = 360 – dmo


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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What will September’s planetary movements bring?

September 2018 will see some major planetary movements that will bring opportunities for self-reflection and self-development.

At the start of the month (September 6th) Saturn turns direct in Capricorn, and then later in the month (September 30th) Pluto will also turn direct in Capricorn; both planets have been in retrograde since April. These movements suggest that September is a good time to focus on your place in society and your public reputation. Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward for opportunities that will put you in the spotlight. But September is also not a time to put your reputation at risk. Maintain your integrity at all times. Negative actions and words rarely stay secret for long.

The New Moon will appear in Virgo at the start of the month (September 9th), and the Full Moon in Aries (September 25th) at it’s close

The moon’s passage through Virgo brings an opportunity to find clarity about challenges as Virgo’s analytical skills are heightened for all the signs. Embrace this new clarity of vision even if it shows you something difficult – remember that some things must be let go in order to make space for new opportunities.Astro Numerology says these new opportunities may present themselves when the Full Moon rises in Aries later in the month. If you see your opportunity, don’t hesitate, go with your gut and take it by the horns.

Venus will enter Scorpio (September 9th) early in the month, perhaps bringing with it things that will cause you to feel intense jealousy within a relationship. This is a time to remember that no one is perfect, and not to judge while your thoughts are clouded by jealousy. Also remember that you cannot make someone else be the person you want them to be, you can only work on yourself to be the person that you want to be.

At the start of the month (September 6th) Mercury will move into Virgo, before moving into Libra (September 22nd). The Sun will also enter Libra (September 23rd) near the end of the month

Mercury’s passage through Virgo will provide you with attention to detail. Use this to celebrate the wonders of life, and not to dissect small problems, transforming them into larger ones. As Mercury moves into Libra remember to be diplomatic in all your relationships and that your words can sting. Avoid the urge to use your words as weapons.

Meanwhile, as the sun enters Libra, this is an opportunity for you to heal relationships that might be feeling fractured. Remember to be honest and open – you can not expect someone to be vulnerable with you if you cannot open yourself up in the same way. All this action in Libra will also stimulate your artistic side. Take the opportunity to discover what you are capable of.

For your sign:

·         Aries, you will have a lot of energy – use it wisely.
·         Taurus, prioritise relationships, particularly with children and family.
·         Gemini, you will find yourself more sensitive than usual, be honest about your feelings.
·         Cancer, your creative juices will be flowing, perhaps lifting you out of a rut.
·         Leo, make sure the different challenges in your life receive appropriate levels of attention and avoid anxiety.
·         Virgo, you are likely to feel a need for change and to rebalance your priorities, embrace it.
·         Libra, you will feel the weight of heavy responsibility, remember that you cannot be responsible for the actions of others.
·         Scorpio, September may feel like a hard slog, but there are opportunities emerging for you, but you will have to work for them.
·         Sagittarius, your natural optimism may feel at a low as you have some old challenges resurface that require your attention.
·         Capricorn, work on your relationships and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, they will be welcome.
·         Aquarius, while you may recently have lacked clarity, September will bring you a new focus on your goals and priorities.
·         Pisces, your creative juices will be flowing, but remember all great things take time and don’t rush the process.

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As today's First Planetary Hour Ruler is Sun / Soorya / Appollo / Shiva............ To the Father and Mother We offer our obeisances ! As words are inseparable from meaning So are They inseparable ! Vagartha iva samprikthau Vagartha Prathipathaye Jagatha Pitharau Vande Parvathee Parameshwarau More at

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As the First Planetary Hour Ruler today, 12 04 18, is Jupiter and He represents Absolute Being, Para Brahman

Ashtapadi IX - Tava Virahe Vanamali -
Ode to the Lord The companion of Radha Was distraught The Lord tells her That He would wait In the cottage Tells her to bring Radha there The confidante Goes to Radha And tells her Like this ! tava virahE vanamAli - pantuvarALi - roopaka SlOkamahamiha nivasAmi yAhi rAdhAm anunaya madvachanEna chAnayEdhAha iti madhuripuNA sakhee niyuktA svayamida mEtya punarjagAda rAdhAm ||

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