Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The concept of Kalapurusha, Time Eternal

Astrology was taught to students as a story. Once upon a time, there was a King (Sun ). He had a Queen( Moon ) . With a son ( Mercury ) and a Defence Minister (Mars). Two ministers they had ( Venus & Jupiter, in the Government of the Almighty ) They had a messenger ( Saturn ) !
This is a poetic verse in Hora Sastra. He who lies coiled as the 360 degree Belt of the Heavens, the Zodiac, is the Absolute Self as Time Eternal, the Zodiacal Man, the Kalapurusha ! The Nine Revolving Heavens represent major qualities. Even His libido is represented by Venus, the fair planet that hearteneth to Love !
The Sun represents the Soul of the Cosmic Man
The Moon His Mind
Mars His physical Strength
Mercury represents the Power of His Word
Jove happiness, learning and Wisdom
Venus represents his libido
& Saturn His Sorrow
The Sun the King & Moon the Queen
Defence Minister is mighty Mars
Mercury the Prince knowledeable
The Wise Ministers Venus & Jove
And Saturn, he who gives messages !
Dane Rudhyar was one of the greatest astrologers of all time. He was born at March 23, 1895, rectified to 12:42 AM in Paris, France. He enriched Astrology with his research-oriented and intuitive mind

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