Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jupiter, the King Maker !

In billionaire D Ambani's horoscope, Jupiter was in the 10th in Virgo ( Sag rising, with Saturn in the 2nd, Venus in the 12th and Jove in the 10th ).

Jupiter aspected Saturn in the second house and he became a visionary in his profession and built a billion dollar business empire. His son Mukesh is ranked 5th richest man in the world.

Jove was in the 11th in the horoscope of Sharukh Khan, the actor.

Jupiter was in the Asc, for the actress Aishwarya Rai.

In Rahul Dravid's horo, Jupiter was in the 10th. Jove made him a world class cricketer.

So Jupiter's placement is very important, in any horoscope !

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