Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Atham Njattuvela strikes S Kerala !

Southern Kerala has been devastated by the solar transit of Delta Corvi ( Hasta Njattuvela ). When I woke up today it was raining cats and dogs and even now at 0900 AM, it is still raining.

This D Corvi transit has brought destruction in its wake. In Quilon, one guy died in the pond.

462 houses were destroyed in Trivandrum. The low lying areas of the District are under water now. Agriculture has been destroyed in Karamanayar, Vamanaypuram and. 493 people were moved to rehabilitation camps. The beach is votatile but no destruction has been reported.

The low lying areas of Quilon have been isolated. The rivers of Kallada, Achan Kovil and Ithikara are overflowing.

In Quilon alone 148 houses have been destroyed. 750 partially. The loss has been reported to be 2.15 Cr. 1215 people were moved to rehabilitation camps.

Rains will be there for four more days.

This signals the end of the South West Monsoon. On Oct 18th, Thula Varsham or the North East Monsoon takes over, when the Sun enters the first degree of Sidereal Libra.

Chitra ( Sun's transit of Alpha Virginis ) and Chothi Njattuvelas are known for good rains.

This seems to be Kanni Thula Varsham, as rains are accompanied by lightning, which is the characteristic of Thula Varsham ( the North East Monsoon .

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