Monday, May 23, 2011

Medical Astrology Verses


The Sun represents Wind and Bile
Wind and Phlegm is signified by Moon
Mars signifies Phlegm
And Mercury all three
Wind and Phlegm is ruled by Jove
Venus is both Phlegm and Bile
Saturn rules Bile and Wind
Wind and Phlegm is Luna !

Vatam pitha yutham karothi dinakrith
Vatam Kapham sheethagu
Pittam bhoomisutha thadha sasisutha
Vatam cha pittam kapham
Jeevau Vata Kaphau Sithanila Kaphau
Vatam cha pitham shanee
Poornenu sthithi rasi natha kadhitham
Poornam Kapham Thoyabhe.

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