Sunday, July 17, 2011

Computation of Geocentric Distance, Sheegra Karna

In the diagram above, the geocentric distance, EQ called X here , the distance of the planet from the Earth is calculated by the equation

X^2 = EQ^2(EP+PL)^2 + QL^2

or = EN^2 + QN^2

In a trignometric correction, called Sheegra Sphashteekarana, this equation is given by Bhaskara.


E = Earth
P = Planet in its Orbit
Q = Planet on the Epicycle
QL = Sin
PL = Cos

We have said that Sheegra Kriya reduces the heliocentric postions to the geocentric.

According to this oscillating Epicyclic Model of Bhaskara, EP = R ( Called Thrijya ), PQ is the Sheegra Phala, QL is the Bhujaphala and PL is Kotiphala.

The Hindu algorithms for the computation of mean and true celestial longitudes seems to be totally different from the Western, from the methods adopted by Kepler, Laplace and Co. Hence the Hindu Planetary Model is original and not influenced by Greco Roman sources, as some Western scholars believe.

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