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10 Lucky Sites for Fortune Tellers

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10 Lucky Sites for Fortune Tellers

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Humans have been fascinated by fortune telling for thousands of years, everybody from the highest monarch to the lowliest pauper. Aristotle and Alexander the Great popularized palmistry, and Alexander used the findings to help him choose his corps of officers. Tarot cards, origins unknown, have been used in Europe since the 14th Century. Gypsies have wandered the world with their divinations for eons, and people still seek them out today (they can often be found at country fairs).

Whatever your divination needs, there is a seer available, 24/7, and some of these are listed below.

Keen –Keen labels itself as a “personal advisor”, especially in matters of the heart, and “free psychic readings” are available online. Tarot and astrology are also emphasized, and “staff psychics” are standing by, just waiting to help.
Serious Inquiries Only – At you can back-order (sorry, temporarily out-of stock) genuine, made-in-China, Chinese fortune telling sticks that are “not to be used for self-amusement”.

Crystal Ball – Though they live with at least one foot in another world, even fortune tellers have to eat, so they try to economize where they can. Something no fortune teller should be without, however, is a crystal ball. At you can order these spheres in a dazzling array of sizes and colors, and in price ranges that fit your fortune telling budget.

Facade– Tarot cards, Rune, Biorhythms, I Ching and Numerology are among the offerings on this site. In addition, this site will help you add their fortunetelling services to your own website.

For Foodies – Take a stab at being a fortune teller yourself. Go to and create your own custom fortune cookies. They even have chocolate-dipped cookies (I always feel lucky when somebody gives me anything chocolate) and a 24-hour service.

Caffeinated Fortunes – The reading of tea leaves (tasseomancy) and coffee grounds (cafeomancy) has long been practiced in many cultures. For more on this, go to and have a cup with Serena. – Good old fashioned fortune telling with a deck of ordinary playing cards is the main offering of this site. I Ching and Tarot card reading are also offered

.Mrs. Martin, Psychic – Someone could have told you this was going to be your lucky day, and that someone could have been Mrs. Martin. Whether you visit her at the California State Fair, in her West Sacramento shop or contact her online at she has an amazing 25-year record. Check it out.
CafeAstrology – All it really takes to become a fortune teller is an understanding of the meanings of the cards and how to interpret them. On this site, that information is detailed out for you, so that you can begin doing your own fortunetelling. – Find out what the stars have to say, what your dreams mean or get a personalized reading of your future. A wide variety of means are available for giving you a futuristic view.

You don’t need a fortune teller to see that the future of fortune telling will remain strong. They’ve been around for a long time, and don’t seem to have lost any of their popularity.

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