Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vedic Maths controversial ?

Some scholars have criticised Vedic Maths in Astrology forums.

Just as Mahesh Yogi founded the Science of Creative Intelligence and Transcendental Meditation, just as Aurobindo founded Integral Yoga, so also Swamiji may have created Vedic Maths. Maybe the 18 sutras were his impositions, as some scholars say. Anyway Vedic Maths is his concept. All are concepts, according to Conceptualism.

There are scholars who are egotisits who say Truth is like this, like that. Truth is neither like this or that !

Truth is greater, wider than her forms
A hundred thousand icons they have made of Her
And they admire Her in the forms they find
But she remains herself and infinite ! ( Aurobindo )

Scholars should have humility and not say Raman or Lahiri were wrong. Vidya dadathi Vinayam.

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Math lover said...

Vedic Maths is amazing thing. I don't care what others are saying.