Friday, March 09, 2012

Saturnine Transits

Saturn is a hard Taskmaster. He can make man bear the Cross. Purgation of sins is effectuated by Saturn.

He causes Sasa Maha Yoga, one of the major yogas.  If he be powerfully
posited in angles, in his own houses or in exaltation, Sasa Yoga is caused. Sasa Yoga gives enjoyments and makes  the native blase or fed up with pleasure,
granting Vairagya or detachment to the native, which will pave the way for
Liberation. Hence the importance of Sasa Yoga in a horoscope.

He represents the principle " Without Hell, no Heaven",  " Without thorns, no roses " , " Without pain, no gain"

In the First, he brings untold sorrows ( Nana Roga shucham )
In the Second, he brings loss of happiness and wealth ( Sukhartha Vihathim )
In the Third, he brings happiness and gains  ( Sthanartha bhrityadhikam ) .
In the Fourth, he brings fall from happiness ( Sthree bandastha sukhachyuthim )
In the Fifth, fall again ( dhana sukha bhramsam )
In the Sixth, fall again ( sapatna kshayam )
In the Seventh, he makes man go away from his domicile ( Marga sakthim )
In the Eighth, he brings sorrows galore ( Analpa Dukha nichayam )
In the Ninth, loss of Righteousness ( Dharma pranasa mayan )
In the Tenth, he brings economic stringency ( Daridram )
In the Eleventh, gains of a high order ( Dhana Labham )
In the Twelfth, dissipation of wealth ( Artha Vihathim ).

Saturnine transits are dreaded and one should be very careful during the negative transits, like Elarata Saturn ( when he transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd ) and 8th.

He has a satellite called Gulika. Gulika's birth is described thus. The King
of the demons, Ravana, asked Saturn to come and stay in the 11th house, the
best house for Saturn, when his son Indrajith was born. Saturn, with his
customary guile and came and stayed in the 11th house, but put his feet in
the 12th ( the worst house for Saturn ). So Ravana got angry and cut the leg
off Saturn. That is why he is said to be lame. Indrajith was defeated when
he was born 

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