Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Different Calenders

We will explain the different Calenders. Every Civilization has a Calender.

The Christian Calender is the Western which the whole world is following. Its present year, as everybody knows is 2012.

The Hindu Calender is based on the Kali Era which began on 17th Feb 3102 BCE. Therefore the present Hindu Year is 3102+2012 = 5114.

The Masonic Calender's present year is 6012. The formula is Christian C + 4000. Free Masons write AL, Anno Lucis, in the Year of Light instead of the Anno Domine ( ' in the year of our Lord " ) of the Christian. Free Masons are Christians, though most of the Free Masons are Protestant. Fundamentalist Christians do not like the Free Masons. Free Masonry, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism have been banned as heretical sects.

The Malaylam Calender with its 12 months from Mesha to Meena is the Calender that is followed in Kerala. Its present year is 1187. If you add 825 to the Malayalam Era, you will get the English Era.

The Western underwent Modification and Pope Gregory rectified the Julian Calender into the Gregorian. The Julian took 365.25 days as one year and hence the error. The actual value of one year is 365.256362424815 days. Christopher Clavius took six decimals to solve the problem.

The Western Calender is based on the Tropical Zodiac,which is moving. Hence it may need rectifications.

The Indian is based on the Sidereal Zodiac, which is static and it needs no modification.

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