Sunday, January 05, 2014

Astrological View about the Prime Ministerial Candidates !

I am not a politician and do not go even for voting.

Last week my friend, Ajithan, gave me the birth details of Shri Modi ji and we made a horoscope.

Day before yesterday, my friend, Astrologer V G Menon came and printed the horoscope of Rahul Gandhi.

He says Rahul does not have much chance, as Modi's horoscope is more powerful.

So I told him why not make Kejriwal's and we made the horoscope yesterday.

V G Menon is of the opinion that Kejriwal's is more powerful than Modi's. I diasgreed with him and said it is 50:50 !

Modi ji is born in three major Yogas, Sasi Mangala Yoga, Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga and Ruchaka Maha Yoga. Jupiter is powerful in the 4th. Mercury is exalted in the 11th. Sun and Ketu are in the 11th. Jupiter aspects Venus and Saturn !

Both Modi and Rahul are born in the Moon Sign of Scorpio or Vrischika. Both are having adverse transits of Jupiter and Saturn. Elarata Saturn and Eighth Jupiter !

Kejriwal, on the other hand, is having the favorable Second Jupiterian Transit. Jupiter will be favorable for him till Jun 19th ! Hence V G Menon prefers Kejriwal.

But I still stick to my stand that Modi's horoscope is equally powerful and the chances are 50:50 !

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