Sunday, February 23, 2014

Indian under a torrid phase !

Ket Jup   
Moo Mer
          Feb   2014
 Sat Rah  Mar

With Jupiter in the 12th and Saturn in the 4th, India is going through a horrific phase.

The elections round the corner is not good, either. After spending crores of rupees, we may get a hung Parliament, as the electorate may give a fractured verdict !

Now Poll stats state that

Non UPA and non NDA parties will get 42%
NDA will get 36%
UPA will get 22%

Decline in votes does not mean that UPA is out. They can form a Government with the non NDA forces !

The Modi wave may happen. In India, the best liked doctrine is Hinduism. Then only comes Marxism and Secularism. So with Hinduism booming, Modi may very well ascend the throne !

Jupiter's effect will be felt from Apr 19th onwards, as He gives His effects two months before, dwimasau gurau ! So for Modi, after 19th Apr, Jove may well behave like Jupiter in the 9th, which is benevolent !

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