Friday, August 08, 2014

Neera, the Drink supported by Ayurveda !

Let me highlight the Kerala NEERA, the non alocholic coconut drink ! It is said that this drink alone can add 54 K crores to Kerala's SGDP !

The farmer gets 1200 INR per tree. So it is rewarding to the farmer ! We should produce it on a massive scale and get hold of the export market, which is now full of Thai and Lankan Neera ! We

have the price advantage. While Thai brand costs 160 Baht, ours is just 25 bucks !

It was sold first at Vyttila Mobility Hub, Kochi, under the brand name of PalmDew. It will now come to all districts !

By tapping ten percent of the 180 million coconut trees, will garner 54 K crores per year !

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