Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hindu Secularism and Socialism !

The PM's visit to Trichur marked the Rise of the Third Front in Kerala.

The Pooram ground became a virtual sea of people. The PM spoke for almost one hour. Once the ceremony was over, it rained heavily for one hour.

Now Pseudo Secularism will be replaced by Hindu Secularism. India is secular, because 72% are believers in Hindu Secularism. If 72% belonged to an evangelist, proselytising community, India wont be secular. Secularism is an Upanishadic concept, as we look on all as brothers and sisters, irrespective of caste, creed or religion ( Vasudha eva Kudumbakam )  !

Pseudo Socialism will be replaced by Hindu Socialism. The majority community in India have compassion for the have nots and the Nationalist Govt has announced many schemes for the downtrodden.

Chathopadyaya's book " The Marxist Brahman" is worth reading ! It integrates Marxism and Vedanta ! Socialism is also an Indian concept, as the Rishies declared  that "Annam Brahma"  or "Padartham Brahma", Matter is Brahman and that the materialistic life is not to be shunned. Doesnt the Upanishadic equation, Samathvam Yoga Uchyathe ( or Samam Brahma ) smack of Socialism ?

Aurobindo integrated both Dialectial Materialism of Marx and the Dialectical Idealism of Hegel and formulated Dialectical Integralism !

I reached Pooram ground at 0330 PM and left when the PM's speech concluded. A good experience !

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