Sunday, November 18, 2007

Horoscopes of Augustus Caesar & Aurobindo

Both were born when Jupiter was exalted in Cancer. Jupiter is the planet of divinity and the person under a powerful Jupiter will revive true Divinity.

In Augustus's horoscope, Libra was rising and Jupiter was in the 10th exalted, conferring Hamsa Yoga, one of the best Yogas in Astrology and one of the five Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas. Jupiter in the 10th is an emperor.

In Aurobindo's horoscope, Jupiter was rising along with Cancer Ascendant. Jupiter in the Ascedant is a Yogi.

Both were directed by the Divine. Both had confidence that everything was divinely ordained. Both believed themselves to be born for noble missions, for which all personal comforts should be sacrificed.

Augustus founded the Religion of Numa and consecrated his life to the welfare of his subjects.

Aurobindo founded Integral Yoga and Integral Philosophy and helped millions achieve Enlightenment.

Their horoscopes show how powerful Jupiter is in enlightening men and taking them to the Path Divine!

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