Friday, November 30, 2007

The Three Elarata Saturns !

One Saturnine cycle is 7.5 years, that is, he stays in a Zodiacal Sign for 2.5 years, or one degree per month. In 3 Zodical Signs, viz in the 12th, 1st and 2nd, he causeth the 7.5 year Saturnine cycle called Elarata Saturn.

In a human life span, he causes ES thrice, as his sidereal period is 30 years.

The first Elarata Saturn is called Mangum Sani or Depressing Saturn.

The second E S is called Pongum Sani or Rising Saturn.

The third ES is called Pokku Sani or Going Saturn.

The first ES is bad, as he can devastate. The first ES caught me when I was 18 years old. Till 25.5 years, he was ruling and he made me suffer horribly. There was Sthanabramsam, as I had to leave Kochi, where I was studying. I left for Bombay in search of a job.

Now I am undergoing the second ES, which is good professionally, but is full of tension.

The second ES is paradoxical. It will elevate a man professionally, but will create tension in his psyche. It will affect his physique and psyche adversely. It will devastate his purse also. ( Dhanakshyam ).

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