Friday, March 07, 2008

Astrology & Four Functions of Mind !

The four functions of Mind are Manas, Buddhi, Chitha and Ahamkara.

Manas is the processing Mind
Chitha is the storage of impressions in the Subconscient
Buddhi is the intellect
Ahamkara is the Ego

In Astrology

Manas is ruled by the Moon
Chitha by by Venus
Budhhi by Mercury and Jupiter
& Ahamkara by Mars, Sun and Saturn

The ten heads of Ravana symbolically are

Kama - Lust
Krodha - Anger
Mada - Pride
Moha - Avarice
Matsarya - Jealousy
Raga - Attachment
Manas - Processing Mind
Buddhi - Intellect
Chitha - Subconcious Mind
Ahamkara - Ego

We have to remove the ten heads of the Ego to attain to Self Actualisation. The Self is Bliss Absolute ( Ananda ), Absolute and Infinite ( Poorna ) & Non-dual ( Advaya )

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