Friday, March 07, 2008

More Yogas

Anabha Yoga is caused by planets in the 12th from the Moon.

The Anapha Yoga caused by Mars is excellent- the native becomes aggressive, with business talent, with beautiful body and highly skilled.

There is another Prosperity Yoga called Vasumath Yoga. Vasu in Sanskrit means prosperity. Vasumath Yoga results when the Upachayas, that is 3,6,10 & 11 Houses are tenanted by benefics.

Lagnath Atheeva Vasuman Vasuman Sasankath
Soumya Grahe Upachayopagathe Samasthai !

16 types of Raja Yogas are formed when Jupiter, Saturn and Mars gets exalted, in angles !

Swachcheshu Shodasa Nripa Kathithaika Lagne !

Or when 2 of them are exalted and Ascendant lord is angular and powerful

Dwiakasirtheshu thadai prathame vilagne
Swakshetrage shashini shodasa bhoomipasyu

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