Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The heavens favour Indian cricket !

Astrologically, Jupiter in the 9th is a favourable transit and so is Saturn's transit of the 3rd.

As a result, Cricket Tourism will rise in India. There are about 103 matches to be played in India. Gate collections will rise, there will be more involvement by Industry and Bollywood, ad revenues will rise and Indian cricket will reach its Zenith in 2011 !

Look at Vibrant Gujarat ! It fetched 450 billion. Look at the overall GDP growth of 8.9%. Cricket is a 4 billion dollar industry in India !

The opening ceremony of the WC will held on Feb 17, two days before its kickoff. The final takes place at the Wankhede stadium on Apr 2. The World Cup was also supposed to be cohosted in Pak, but then in the wake of the terrorist 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, the ICC decided to strip Pak of its hosting rights. The 14 matches supposed to be in Pak, was given to the other nations. India got 8 matches, SL 4 and Bangladesh 2.

ESPN and Star Sports will finds their revenues increased, as they are the official telecasters of WC 2011. Sony, who bagged the TV rights for IPL for one billion dollar for ten years, will see their ad revenues rise ! As a result of Event Marketing of IPL, Hero Honda, Kingfisher Airlines and Pepsi will reap rewards !

This is the Golden Age of Indian cricket! Will our cricketers let us down ? There is no dearth of talent at all ! Astro predictions are that India has 70% chance, as both Jupiter and Saturn are benign.

IPL IV will be a huge success. So will be the WC 2011. More and more people will be attracted to T20 cricket, when the IPL IV starts on Apr 8.

For three months, we have non stop cricket. In India cricket is a religion, as it is avidly followed by the man in the street to even ministers. As a national integrator and a builder of genuine nationalism, cricket is unparalleled !

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