Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jupiter in the 9th is bringer of good news !

FDI in Retail has been advocated by the Economic Survey of 2011. There can be private participation in the social sector.

It is good that the farm sector has clocked in 5.4% growth. Forex reserves at $297 billion. The foodgrain production has gone up to 232 million tonnes.

With the financial planet, Jupiter, in the favourable House of Fortune, this good news has come in.

As food prices rise, there is an imperative need for immense investment in the agri sector. It is due to the good performance of the agri sector that the economy has clocked in 8.6% growth.

The survey calls for a second green revolution. As the world is undergoing a Food Crisis, the solution is to upgrade agriculture so that India becomes the granary of the world.

As far as the stock market is concerned, every correction is good.

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