Friday, March 18, 2011

Jupiter in Pisces will save Earth !

Should one worry about the Super Moon? NO!

The Super Full Moon occurs when Sun is in Pisces and Moon comes diametrically opposite at ( 180 degree from the Sun's longitude ) Virgo. This is the Full Moon, the Pournami of Indian Astronomy.

Now Jupiter in Pisces is the Redeeming Grace. Jupiter, the indicator of Divine Grace will save this planet from catastrophes.

Some devastation has already taken place, as the Tsunami hit Japan on the 11th. Still Japan is in a mess. Burning nuclear rectors , earthquakes and tsunamis ravaged Japan and Japan looks like a devastated area.

Jupiter is the divine planet, the wisdom planet and He will not allow this planet to be destroyed !

It will not be the end of the world, as some Doomsday theorists make out. Vedic Astrology does not support Doomsday theories. The sum total Energy in the Universe is a constant and cannot be destroyed ! So no end of the world !

Verily, the Lord had not created this world, He had become this world. He is all that is. " All this that is is the Universal Life" declare the Upanishads. There is no creation and hence no destruction !

One need not bother unnecessarily about this phenomenon. There were Doomsday theories that the world was going to end in 2000 ! ( There was one grand father of Pongo Twistleton in Wodehouse, who gave all his shirts and pants to a passerby, saying that the end of the world was coming at 1030 AM sharp ! ).

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