Sunday, March 06, 2011

Song Celestial of the Nine Revolving Heavens

This is a superb rendering of the Nava Graha Stotra, the song of the Nine Planets.

Listening to this Sacred Music can make the Kundalini rise !

The astrologer can fine tune to the Universal Mind by this Sacred Music ! These verses are chanted by all astrologers during early morning in India. It will open up the Intuitive Mind, thus paving the way for psychic ability and intuitive skills !

Indian Tradition has it that an astrologer after taking a bath and revering the Almighty Self, the Solar Consciousness, should chant these verses to propitiate the Nine Revolving Heavens. The Heavens will bless the astrologer with Intuitive foresight.

Then only should the astrologer begin his divine work of disseminating info to clients !

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