Monday, July 15, 2013

Jove in the 12th adversely affects Indian Economy !

Look at May stats

24 billion - 44 billion = -20 billion !

Deficit is going up. By this rate, the deficit will be more than 200 billion !

The Big Auto companies are moving to Indonesia and Thailand, due to the sluggish market growth in India ! 

Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Ford are going to invest 24000 cr in Indonesia and 10000 cr in Thailand. High interest rates in India and lack of Indian Government's incentives to trigger sales, while Indonesia and Thailand are giving lots of incentives to car purchasers ! Comparitively India will only get 14000 cr by 2016, way behind her competitors !

Saturn in the Fourth is also bad and the two major planets are at the moment unfavorable for India. 

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