Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Heavens indicated brutal events !

Actually, Astrology is not a predictive science. We say everything is known only to the Lord. People think astrologers are ominiscient and no mortal is omniscient !

People ask why didnt the astrologers predict tsunamis? I told them that it is not the duty of the astrologer to predict tsunamis. We are not gods !

Nature is dualistic, that is she has both destructive and creative aspects. In Her destructive aspect, She is Kali and in Her creative aspect, She is Sarawathi. The Hindu sees Her in the sweetness of Saraswathi, the laughter of Krishna and the terror of Kali. Lord Krishna says in the BG that I am the all Devouing Death, Mrityu sarva haraschaham.

The astrologer is wise only after the event. I pointed out the SWM has a destructive aspect too. Hundreds of houses were devoured by the sea. Theare are again merits and demerits of having a sea nearby. When monsoon floods come, the blockages can be removed and the water can be allowed to flow into the sea. Last week this was done in Kerala.  We have an estuary in Chavakkad, the Chavakkad Azhimugham, where the Chettuva River merges into the sea. On the other hand, there are possibilities of oceanic attacks and tsunamis, if you are living near the coast.

When people asked me about the Kedarnath tragedy ( what is your astro explanation ! ), I told them Astrology is an indicative science. Not an omniscient science, as Theology and Cosmology say. What do you see ? The Sun was in Mriga Sira. The Head of the Beast, the Head of Orion ! Beast, brute, brutal. Planetary influences on Mundane Affairs state that some brutal event is happening on earth. That is the astro reading. The astrologer is not omniscient, but the heavens were brimming with pessimistic prophecies. Then the next question will be asked, does this always happen during the solar transit of Mriga Sira ? The fierce rains in Mriga Sira Njattuvela normally wreaks havoc. Again, Astrology is not a physical science, it is a mystical science.

Predicting events using the Kerala Njattuvela Calendar in other parts is not Wisdom. For instance, we cannot say that during Mriga Sira or any other Njauttuvela, it will rain in TN. since TN does not get SWM.  May be there are sporadic rains. These Njattuvelas are specific to Kerala.  

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