Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jove in the 12th devastates Indian economy !

The Rupee falling has everything to do with misgovernance.

Look at the May stats
Export - Import = Deficit
24 b - 44 b = -20 billion

The deficit for May is -20 b and it is safe to assume that the deficit will be >200 billion this year. Given the $319 billion federal debt, where does India stand. MMS is an underperformer. We have to replace.

Since Jupiter moved to the 12th in India's horoscope ( Star _ Pushya ), we are hearing bearish news. The Stock Market has come down. Gold has come down and now the Rupee is Senior ! The Ministry that it will become 70 and it is healthy, they say ! For one more year, Jupiter in the 12th, can devastate the Indian economy. God only knows how much Inflation, food inflation etc will rise.
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