Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lunar Path, the Pithru Yana and the Solar Path, Deva Yana !

Dhoomo Ratri Thadha Krishna
Shan masa Dakshinayanam
Tatra chandramasm Jyothee
Yogee Prapya Nivarthathe

Birth during night time, Dark Fortnight, Southern Solstice - all these indicate the Lunar Path and the native is subject to recurrence.

The above verse is astrological and the importance of both the paths are highlighted in The Geetha. 

The Pitru Yana is the Lunar Path, of those subject to recurrence. 

The Southern Solstice is medium
The Northern Soltice is excellent

Ayane Uttare Shreshta Madhyamam Dakshinayanam

The Dark Fortnight is medium
The Bright Fortnight is excellent

Birth during day time is excellent
Birth during night time medium.

Agnir Jyothir Aha Shukla
Shan masa Uttarayanam
Tatra prayatha gachanthi
Brahma brahma vido janah

Birth during day time, Uttarayana, Bright Fortnight are the great souls who attain Nirvana 

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