Saturday, June 08, 2013

Now both Saturn and Jove are adverse, but Jove in the Second from Ascendant balances !

Jupiter has left Taurus . He had moved over to Gemini and we are hearing bearish news - like inflation, lack of infra, exports not upto mark, food inflation, IIP down etc.  Infrastructure is lacking. Power supply for industry is erratic.   

Negative Factors 

What are the negative factors, represented by  Saturn in the Fourth and Jove in Twelfth?.

Astrologically both Jupiter and Saturn are  pulling down and India is caught between the cyclical swings of boom and recession.

The 12th is the House of Loss and during that phase many economic problems will plague India. Despite the assurances of the Finance Minister, Indians will find the going tough. North Western India may get only 80% rainfall. In Kerala, also the SWM has only rained in certain parts. Anyway Kerala will get a normal monsoon !

In other words, the outook is not so rosy.  The 319 billion dollar debt and more than 100 b deficit make India a deficit country. Despite the developmental talk of the politicians, many parts of India do not have even potable water and infrastructure. Corruption is rampant and crimes are on the increase.

Sector wise, Industry contributes only 20% of GDP, Agri only 17% and the rest 63% is accounted by the service sector. It is time both industry and agri contribute more to the GDP and then only can India reach the level of China or US. The Agri sector lacks innovation and investment. India has to improve in the hardware sector in Industry. Only some sectors of industry - software, tourism etc - are doing well. The political stability in the wake of the 2014 General Elections can affect the market considerably.  

Positive Factors as represented by Transit Jupiter in the Second from Ascendant

On the positive side, harvest may be strong, beacuse of the normal monsoon forecast and the agri sector may post a 3% growth. Industry may post a 4% growth. Electricity generation may go up by 7% and manufacturing 4%. There are strong FII inflows and a modest economic recovery. India's potential is great and India has a burgeoning middle class. The falling rupee will fuel demand for IT stocks. And the Sensex is bound to oscillate between 18 K and 20 K ! 


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