Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mrigasira Njattuvela was brutal !

We didnt see the Sun for 5 days, when the Sun transited Mrigasira. But when he came to Aridra, he materialsed like our nuts and bolts materialiser ! Yesterday and today we had sunny interludes. It is drizzling now.

Mriga Sira means the Head of the Beast, the Head of Orion, the Hunter. What is Mriga ? Beast. Brute. Mrigasira was brutal, as witnessed in Kedarnath. In Kerala, evey day more than 10 houses were devoured by the sea. The negative aspect of the SWM ! Mrigasira Njattuvela was brutal, as it always have been. Aridra is ruled by Rahu and if we go by the dictum Shanivad Rahu, can we hope for some relief?  But Aridra is Roudra, another nodal and malefic constellation. Trawling has been banned for one month and all are warned about visiting coastal areas. From my office, Beach is just five kms away. Wild horses will not drag me there !

Add to it the Supermoon on 23rd and you can understand the devastation caused in Uttarkhand and many parts of India. In Kerala, in one day, more than 100 houses were devoured by the sea. Houses destroyed elsewhere, trees uprooted etc are reported by newspapers. The leading Malayalam daily, the Mathrubhoomi, has earmarked its second page for the ravages caused by the South West Monsoon !

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