Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Drought in India is created by Secularists

We reiterate that the potential drought in India is created by Secularists
influenced by Anti Paganism.

By destroying trees and water reservoirs,they see to that evapo -
transpiration does not take place in the Water Cycle and the land becomes
parched !

While the First Science ( Vedanta Sastra ) reveres Jagat, Jiva and Para (
Universal Nature, individual souls and the Supreme ), the anti paganists
revered only a jealous God sitting in the clouds ! They believe that Man is
a sinner and Prakriti or Nature is something to be exploited for commercial
purposes !

While Paganism extolled everything as sacred and divine ( Sarvam Khalu idam
Brahma ), Anti Paganism throned Him in Heaven.

While Paganism averrs that Heaven and Hell are only states of Mind, Anti
Paganism declare that they are concrete realities.

No wonder Russell said " All dogmas belong to Theology' !

In Kerala, the anti paganists are not bothered about the environment. They want to destroy Nature and bring Aranmula Airport and a hydro electric project in Athirappilly. Will they not get 10% ?

It is time the Eternians awoke to the threat of Anti Paganism !

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