Monday, April 25, 2016

Water Conservation Technologies

Heat has gone upto 39.8 degrees here in Kerala. It is more in TN and other sites.

We had warned in our columns about Water Management flaws. Now  many parts of India are facing drought.

Kala Varsha will set in when the longitude of the Sun touches 45 degrees and not before. Today it is the 12th Rising ( Sun at 12 degrees in the 360 degrees Zodiac ).

If we dont formulate a Water Policy, especially for protecting the paddy fields ( which act as Nature's water reservoirs ), we are doomed. By 2050, India may run out of water, due to the burgeoning population ! Unless stringent measures are brought in to control population and destruction of water reservoirs, trees and plants, conservation of forests et al, India will have to face the Music !

It is the difference in Philosophy which is responsible for this impasse. While Hindu Philosophy advocates Conservation of water reservoirs, forest lands and Prakriti in general, the anti paganists revere only the Creator and not Nature, which they say is Created !

Philosophy advocates reverence of both Purusha and Prakriti, while dogmatic theologies revere only the Creator !

So the Secularists, due to the influence of Anti Paganism, are responsible for India's present plight.

The UN had warned about depleting water resouces, population explosion and declining water tables earlier !

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