Friday, April 01, 2011

Can this be India's transfiguration !

With Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Moon and the sports planet Mars in the auspicious 9th House or the House of Fortune, go India go ! Prove to the world that ye are professionals !

Mix caution with aggression and the Cup can be India's. Instead of lofting, hit the ball into the ground, as Yuvraj did and find the gaps. Bat like Michael Bevan !

Beware of the 3 Ms, Murali, Mendis ( or Herath ) and Malinga . The SL gameplan is to mix spin with pace, Murali and Mendis or Herath, the left arm and off spin pairing along with Malinga's slinging deliveries at more than 140 kph. This is their strategy to choke India ! In the semi final at Mohali, the Sri Lankans supported the Pakis. They wanted Afridi's side to win, because they reckoned that if they meet Pak in the Finals, they can win the Cup ! Facing Pak is easier than facing mighty India ! But then they were disappointed, as Afridi's men choked under the lights !

SL's 'formidable batting' proved to be a myth in the match against Pak, when they could not chase 278 under the lights. If Pak had held their chances, SL would have been all out for less than 200 !

O India, this is your golden chance. You will not get such a chance in the near future. On the green tops of Aus and NZ, 2015 WC will be difficult to get and you wont have the blessings of the planets as you have now ! ( At 0230 PM, on Saturday, 02042011, all planets will be favourable for India. Mercury, Mars, Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Pisces, in the Ninth, Venus in the 8th and the Nodes in the 6/12 positions. From the Moon, the five planetary configuration happens in the Ninth, a favourable house. From the Ascendant, it will be in the Eleventh, the House of Gains or the House of the Fulfillment of all desires.You cannot ask for a better planetary configuration ).

O Stars of Glory, O lights impregnated with mighty Power, give India the Cup that Counts !

There is another record awaiting Yuvraj. When he became Man of the Match four times, he had equalled the records of Aravinda DeSilva and Lance Kleusner. If he gets one more, it will be a new record !

Saturn in the Third is also favourable. Mars was a bit unfavourable till Mar 25th, which reflected on the Indian bowling and fielding. Now that bowling and fielding have improved, go, India, go !

More than a billion pray for India. Homas and pujas are being done. The Lord is on everyone's lips as 1210 million people anxiously wait for 1030 PM tomorrow, in a country where Cricket is Religion.

Cricket Diplomacy have succeeded and our brothers from Pak are now happy. The SL President will be watching the match, along with Indian dignitaries. Industry, Bollywood, politicians- all will be there to watch the Clash of the Titans, two formidable teams pitted against each other !

The Master and the Commander

In India's case, the Master is Sachin and the Commander is Dhoni. Sachin has 99 hundreds and have scored more than 32 K runs in int'l cricket.

In SL's case, the Master is Murali and the Commander is Sanga. Murali has 1347 wickets in int'l cricket.

Both Asian teams appear to be impregnable. Both are led by wicketkeepers. Another coincidence ! Both are led by astute, intelligent captains !

The WC 2011 will go down in history as one of the best thrilling WCs ever, with its thrilling matches decided in the 100th over and classical upsets. The ODI format has been revived.

Meanhwhile, Rahul Dravid has backed Day/Night Test cricket under the lights. MCC experimented with a pink ball. Dravid now backs all innovations in cricket !

Jayam Dehi, give us Victory ! India is the Guru of all nations and she will definitely bring in World Peace ! May Cricket be used to establish World Peace !

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