Friday, April 22, 2011

The Heavens favour the Little Master !





Jupiter will move over to Aries on May 8th, and in Sachin's horoscope, he will move to the favourable 5th. ( LA means the Lunar Ascendant or the Moon Sign, as Sachin's birth star is Poorvashada or Pooradam ).

Now Sachin has added more trophies. A century in IPL , in T20 and being a member of the WC winning team !

Now he is eyeing another laurel, the IPL Trophy. Can MI, the no 1 favourites, pull it off ?

He has an average of 236 ! He was only out once, for 35 in the last match. His other scores are 46 no, 55 no, and 100 no !

The Heavens favour Sachin and may he go on creating records !

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