Monday, April 25, 2011

Sai was 96 as per Stellar Indian Calender !

The Roman Calender used the solar years of 365.25 days.

In the Indian Calender, many years exist. We have the

Solar Year - of 365.25 days ( Sam Vatsaram )
Lunar Year - 29*12 days ( Indha Vatsaram )
Stellar Year - 27*12 days ( Nakshatra Vatsaram )

Anu vatsaram pari vatsaram indha vatsaram eva cha
Samvatsarm vatsarascha vaidhooryeva prabhashathe

Since the Ecliptic or the Zodiac is tenanted by 12 Signs of 30 degrees and 27 constellations or Nakshatras, one stellar or sidereal ( " pertaining to the stars ") month is 27 days and one Stellar Year is 12*27 = 324 days.This stellar month stem from Beta Arieties ( Aswinit ) to Zeta Piscium ( Revathi ) and is of 27 days.

Hence if we calculate Sai's age, he was 96 when he left his body. He had lived 30, 834 days, from his birthdate from 23 Nov 1926 to 24042011. We get 95 years and 54 days and Sai was in his 96th year.

In Indian Astrology, there are many who calculate planetary periods using solar ( 365.25 days) , lunar ( 354 days ) or stellar years ( 324 days). There are also some astrologers who calculate 360 days as an year, since the Zodiac is 360 degrees !

The Western Tropical Calender is not exact and the Gregorian Calender came into being as a modification of the Julian Calender. Gregory decreed on Oct 4 th that the next days is Oct 14th. So the Western Tropical Calender needs modifications from time to time, as the Tropical Zodiac is ever moving, in contrast to the Indian Sidereal Zodiac, which is static and immobile. The Roman Calender was imposed on India by the British !

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