Saturday, December 01, 2012

Jove in the 11th good for me !

Some guys who are newbies are using my articles on Gemology. I caught ten of them and wrote to them to give me credit.” At least mention the source”, I told them. The Resource Box must be intact if one is to publish somebody else’s article.
Meanwhile I am redesigning, optimising ,as I feel that this site is affected by Penguin and Panda ! Unnecessary links, keywords etc are removed. I have never done keyword stuffing in my life. So my articles are free from that blemish.
Traffic is picking up at my sites on Deerfield server and the article sites are coming of age. I do not get sufficient time to work on Facebook and Youtube, because of the redesigning work.
My time has changed. Even though Jupiter in the 11th is good for career, Saturn in the 4th is not. Transit Saturn is creating obstacles and impediments, denying the much needed mental peace. Jupiter will be there in the lunar 11th and so I dont have to worry till May 31st, when He moves over to Gemini. Then there is scope for alarm and despondency, as He will be in my adverse twelfth !

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