Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Literature of India

Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind

Left to the posterity of those that are yet unborn. – Dante

By Vedas no books are meant. This perspective is contrary to what people think. They are eternal truths cognised by the Seers in higher states of Consciousness.

Books have great value. Reading maketh a full man, said Bacon. Writing a precise man and Conference a ready man.

There are so many books in Vedic Literature. The Rishies meant that Knowledge is the main criterion for success, Vidya Dhanam Sarva Dhanal Pradhanam. Knowledge is that which cannot be stolen, that which cannot be taxed, that which cannot be shared and that which is not burdensome. When compared to mundane wealth, Divine Wealth or Wisdom is greater ! Wisdom has her blessings unknown to Wealth.

We have heard about Dante and Goethe, but not Aurobindo or Tagore. We know Laplace and Lagrange, if not Liebniz, but not Aryabhata or Bhaskara. We know Shakespeare, but not Kalidasa ! Beethoven and Mozart we know, but not Thyagaraja.

It is our aim to disseminate quality information about the vast Indian literature and the literatuers and the poets who adorned this great ocean. Let us enjoy Kalidasa and Magha ! Let us revel in the intellectual brilliance of Aryabhata, Varaha and Bhaskara. Let us immerse ourselves in Thyagaraja. Let us be inspired by Aurobindo and Tagore !

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