Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Inseparability of Life and Love

Life and Love are inseparable.

In Vedic Symbology, the Rishies represented it as the biune principles of Siva and Sakthi.

Siva represents Universal Life and Shakti is emblematic of Universa Love.

The poet Kalidasa averred

Inseparable as Word and Meaning
So are the Two in One
Consciousness and Force
The Infinite and the Finite
Absolute and Relative
The One and the Innumerable
The Formless and a delirium of forms
The Universal and the Individual
Purusha and Prakrithi
Brahman and Maya
Creative Nature and Created Nature
Being and Becoming
In Life Practical
Love and Universal Life!

Vagartha iva Sampruktau
Vagartha Prathipathaye
Jagatha Pitharau Vande
Parvathee Parameswarau

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