Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kali Yuga !


Earth becomes infertile
Nirveerya Prithvee
Medicines become less potent
Niroushadhi Rasa
The tough thrive
Neecha mahathvam gathah

Politicians are money oriented
Rajanartha parayana
Brahmins become Shudras
Prathidinam Vipra Vikarma Sthitha

Husband and wife inimical
Bharya Bharthru Virodha Baddha Hridaya
Sons and daughters scorn parents
Putra Pithrur Dveshina
And Righteousness and Ethics
Wisdom and Morality
Have to leave society
And go to forest !

Evam Bhoothagana Jagat
Kaliyuge Dharmam Vane Gachchathi !

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