Friday, June 27, 2014

The Lord saves a poet !

There is a legend surrounding Guruvayur's premier poet, Poonthanam.

Once the poet was travelling thorough the forest, when robbers waylaid him. He prayed to the Lord to save him. Then lo and behold, the Commander in Chief of the King's Army, Mangat Achan, suddenly appeared there on horseback, wielding the sword. The frightened robbers ran away !

Poontanam gave his ring to the Commander in Chief as a token of gratitude.

Next day, the priest at the Guruvayur Temple had a strange dream. The Lord told him that a ring is there on the Deity's finger at the sanctum sanctorum and "please give this to Poonthanam".

The poet went into raptures when he saw the ring on the Deity's finger !

Mangat achante Veshavum Ketti Shishta Rakshkkai Bhavan

Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of the Lord when He does not wish to sign !

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