Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Sword and the Pen

The Sword and the Pen

Only the Sword can save the Pen and vice versa.

It is the Pen which gives the nod to the Sword to rule.

We saw the union of the Pen and Sword used to a devastating effect by Nehru.
His mass media demonized the Nationalists !

Only if the sword and the pen unite, can there be victory.

Yatra Yogeshwara Krishno
Yatra Partho Dhanurdharah
Tatra Sree Vijayor Bhoothi !

Only if Scientific Knowledge ( Krishna )
Combines with practical brilliance ( Arjuna )
Can be there be Victory's Grace !

May the spirits of Shivaji and Aurobindo work in the Indian psyche. Then
only can India fulfill her role as the Guru of all nations !  

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