Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday of Lord Krishna !

Today is the Birthday of our Lord. He was of handsome mien, born in the asterism of Rohini, with Moon exalted and powerfully posited Jupiter in Leo.

He is the Self that is immutably and becomes eternally in the eternal successions of Time.

Iswaram Paramam Krsna
Sacchidananda VIgraha
Anadir Adi  Govinda
Sarva Karana Karanam

Since He is the Self, the 16008 Upanishads are His wives symbolically.

HIs enchanting locks of hair
Are the Poetic meters !
His smile bewitching
The enchantress Maya
His Voice, the Rishies
His Back Portion, Adharrma
The equilibrium of Satva, Rajas, Thamas
His Avyakta or Attributeless Aspect !
His movement is Time
The Teaching Class, His Face
The Warrior Class, His Chest
The Commercial Class, His Waist
And bureaucrats His legs !
Entire Universe is He
With Mountains as  His Hairs
The Rivers as His Blood
Blessed be His Form Universal !

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