Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Sixth Day of Nava Ratri !

Today is the Sixth Lunation and the Deity that is worshipped during the Festival of Nine Nights is Kartyayani, Shashtam Karthyayaneethi cha. ( Moon in between 60 and 72 degrees from the Sun ).

Katyayini or Kartyayini was born as the daughter of Katyavan. Katyavan was a seer who perfomed penance to get the Universal Mother as his daughter.

One of Her greatest festivals is Thri Karthika, which is celebrated on the astersim of Karthika, during Mandala Kalam. Mandala Kalam is the 41 day holy period, starting from the sidereal month of Scorpio or Vrischika. . Thri Karthika is celebrated in Her Temples, Kadampuzha, Kumaranellur and the Ayyanthol Karthyayini Temples.

I will consecrate my Poem to Thee
As a garland or necklace
On Thy Sacred Chest
Which is Thri Karthika !
Please hear our prayer
O Consort of the Destroyer
O Daughter of the Mountains
Who graces Kadampuzha !

Thri Karthika Jathi Thirumaril
Oru Keerthana Malika Chartham Njaan !
Eee Prarthana  Kelkoo Parvathiye
Kadampuzha Vazhum Para Nidhiye.

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