Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Today is the Seventh Lunation

Today is the Seventh Lunation, that is the Moon in between 72 and 84 degrees from the Sun. The Deity that is worshipped during Nava Ratri is Kala Ratri. ( The Kanya Shukla Nava Thidhis are celebrated as Nava Ratri, that is the NIne Lunations in the Bright Fortnight in the sidereal month of Virgo or Kanya ).

Saptamam Kala Ratreeti Maha Gaureethi chashtamam. 

Kala means Dark and Ratri means Night. This is the symbolism
of the Dark Night of the Soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit. 

Without Her Grace, Salvation is not possible !

In Bridal Mysticism, Vandanam means to bow before the Tutelary Deity. The Masters of India knew that Yoga and Vedanta are ultra worldly sciences, which are  best suited for ultra worldly people. So they brought in Tantra and installed Tutelary Deities in all cities and villages, so that worldly people can have the same mystic experiences like the Initiates.  Bhakti Yoga is for the worldly man. She is Bhagavathy, the Damsel Divine adorned with the Six Attributes ! Arpanam means to sacrifice one's life for Deity. Dasyam is to be Her servant, serving All and Loving All !

She and He are ultimately One. This is well expressed by the Mother of Auroville

Without Him, I exist not
Without Me, He is Unmanifest !

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