Thursday, October 02, 2014

Today is the Eighth Lunation

Today is the Eighth Lunation, that is the Moon in between 84 and 96 degrees from the Sun and Maha Gauri is the Deity that is worshipped during the Festival of Nine Nights, Nava Ratri. Maha Gaureethi Chashtamam !

Gauri means White. She is as pure and white, sinless. Mythology has it that She lost her complexion while travelling in the forest and Her meeting with Lord Shiva made her regain Her Fair Complexion !

The Prikriti of Sankhya and the Maya of Vedanta became the Shakti or Devi of Tantra. She is the beginingless Universal Mind, which brought the Universe into existence  ( kayanaumeya sudhiaiva Maya Yada Jagath Sarvam idam prasooyathe ) and hence called the Mother of the Universe, Jagath Amba ! 

In the Epic poem, Ramayana, She is Seetha, the idol of Indian Motherhood. In Her Hands is the Key to the luminous Kingdom of Heaven, to Self Actualisation ! 

How glorious is the Eternal Law !

Ya Devi Sarva Bhootheshu Maha Gaureethi Samsthitha
Namasthasyai Namasthasyai Namasthasyai Namo Nama

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