Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Q & As about Farm Tourism.

Q - What is Farm Tourism?

In Kerala, which is an agri state, Farm Tourism is promoted as a new tourism product. Without much investment, F T can be marketed, as Kerala has 30 lakh hectares of gross cropped area. More than 33% contain plantations of Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Cardamom et al and more than 33% contain coconut plantation. The State has 350 K lakh hectares under paddy cultivation.

5% of the total land has been allocated for  F T..There are schemes which are under way to prepare the plantations/ Farms to receive tourists by presenting a positive image of the Farm and Agri as a whole. The Agri Sector is therefore revitalised and  will increase tourist arrivals in the State.  

Farm Tourism is an integral part of Eco Tourism but there is a slight difference. While artificially created landscapes are part of Eco Tourism - gardens, pond etc - the goal of Farm Tourism is to show the curious tourist about Nature in her pristine purity. .

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