Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Thula Vishu and Thula Varsha !

The Sun entered  Zero Degree Sidereal Libra yesterday at 0602 PM, initiating Thula Vishu, as well as Thula Varsha.  Vishu or Equinox occus twice on Apr 14 ( Solar ingress into Aries ) and on Oct 17 ( Solar ingress into Libra ).Today is Thula 1,  Aslesha upto  25 Nadis and 48 Vinadis and the Tenth Lunation, Dasami.

The indications to Thula Varsha had  already begun and it rained heavily day before yesterday. Thula Varsha is the North East Monsoon. As the point in the 

Indian Ocean becomes hot, near the Tropic of Capricorn, cool winds come from the Bay of Bengal. pick up moisture and pour over India peninsular. 

We expect more rains in Thula.  Vrischika end ( Dec 15 ) will see the end of the Monsoon Season in Kerala. On Dhanu 10th ( Dec 25 ) , farmers will start irrigating their fields, which they were not doing from May 29 onwards.

The North East Monsoon, Thula Varsha, comes as rains in the afternoon normally, with fireworks ( lightning and thunder ). People are warned not to stay outdoors, not to stand behind solitary trees and not to touch window bars. Thunder and lightning had wreaked havoc in some places in Kerala yesterday !

How accurate the Kerala Calendar is was proved true  as heavy rains and thunder hammered Guruvayur at 0420 PM yesterday. I disconnected the modem and pulled out of office at 0430 PM. Day before yesterday also I pulled out at 0645 PM, when thunder and rains took over. Thunder can damage hard disks.

The Indian mathematicians have not erred and as scheduled  Thula Varsha begam in earnest and it is raining cats and dogs in Guruvayur now. 

Fierce rains slashed Guruvayur at 0420 PM onwards and it is raining torrentially.

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