Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Q & As about the similarities in the horoscopes of Modi ji & Shivaji.

Q - What are the similarities in these horoscopes ?

A - In both horoscopes, Jupiter is angular. An angular Jupiter can destroy 100 K afflictions, Laksham Doshan Hanti Devendra Poojya. In both horoscopes, Jupiter is in Aquarius. Jupiter in Aquarius gives the effect of exalted Jupiter in Cancer. 

Q - Is Jupiter the King Maker?

A - Yes. He is the largest planet in the solar system. 1300 earths can be fit into Jupiter.He played a vital role in the horoscopes of British Sovereigns. He was angular, either rising ( in First )  or culminating ( in Tenth ).  

In Shivaji's horoscope, he is in the Seventh and in Modi ji's, 4th. Shivaji had Saturn and Venus exalted. Modi ji has Mercury exalted with Jupiter, equivalent to exaltation,  Kumbhe Karkatakal Phalani. 

Mars, in both horoscopes, is well posited. In Modi ji's he is in the Ascendant, conferring Ruchaka Yoga and in Shivaji's, he is in the benevolent 11th. 

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