Thursday, September 18, 2014

Q & As about Vedic Astro Gemology



 Q - What is Vedic Gemology ?

A - It is the union of two sciences, Gemology and Astrology and it postulates that the Nine Primary Gems correspond to the Nine Revolving Heavens.

The seven primary colors of the spectrum, VIBGYOR  and the two secondary colors, infra-red and ultra-violet, correspond to the nine planets.

Here we give the correspondence between Cosmic Colors, planets and gems.

Color              Planet               Gem

Red               Sun                  Ruby
Orange         Moon               Pearl
Light Blue        Jupiter              Yellow Sapphire
Ultra-Violet    Rahu             Hessonite
Green              Mercury       Emerald
Indigo           Venus          Diamond
Infra-red           Ketu          Cat's Eye
Violet         Saturn              Blue Sapphire
Yellow              Mars              Coral

Manikyam Dinanayakasya, Vimalam Muktaphalam Sheetagau
Mahedrasya cha Vidrumam, Marathakam Soumyasya Garutmakam

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