Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Coriolis Force of the Earth diverts South West Monsoon to Kerala !

It is still raining here. Fierce rains. Our Astro Calendar is right ! Tell those  fools who say our Calendar is wrong to jump in the lake.

You see, North India becomes hot, as it is more or less 20 degrees North of the Equator. I am at +10.30 N latitude and as such live in a Torrid Zone or a Tropical Zone ! Rains alone can cool us !

Rohini Njattuvela started and it has been raining rom  0900 AM sharp. Now it is 0345 PM and it is still raining !

The Indian Ocean becomes cool as a result and the cold winds blow from the Indian Ocean to replace the warm air of N India and it pours over Penisular India ! Edava Pathi starts when the Sun enters the 15th degree of Sidereal Taurus, on Wednesday, on 29th. Now these rains are precursors to Edava Pathi.

The  S W Monsoon should have gone to T N, but for the Coriolis Force of the earth. t Newton's laws are valid only for an inertial frame of reference. Not on a rotating frame of reference. So the SW, which should have gone to TN, came to Kerala !

Hail the Coriolis Force. Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, within as well as without !

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