Monday, May 27, 2013

Rohini Njattuvela breaks loose in Kerala !

What a glorious day ! The sky is black and it is raining dogs and cats in Guruvayur !

Yesterday there were no rains and I had to do an Anaxagorus. At Midnight, it began drizzling. It was drizzling when I got out of my flat at 0700 AM. When I reached Gvr at 09 , black clouds were forming and it is rainining heavily now. . The Sun entered the 14th degree of Sidereal Taurus today.

15th degree ingress is tomorrow ( unless there is a Gregorian jump )and it signals the start of Edava Pathi, the S W Monsoon. Rohini II NJattuvela will take over tomorrow !

Let the giant moisture laden winds of the SW Monsoon cool India! SW M will hit Bombay on Jun 8th and Delhi on 18th or 20 !

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